How To Get Through Airport Security Quickly and Without Hassle


The long lines at security checkpoints, meddling agents, and the grumpy officers, make the airport security process the least enjoyable part of traveling. But the security procedures are meant to keep us safe and we should be thankful to the airport security staff for making sure we get to our destination safely. By following these steps, you will fly through the security process with ease.

Join The TSA Precheck


TSA Pre-check

 The travelers who are qualified for the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) PreCheck program will receive faster and somewhat smoother screening at many domestic airports. Even though there is no guarantee of the speed-up process, the travelers who are eligible for the PreCheck program are allowed to leave their shoes on during the security check, keep the laptops in the bag and avoid many other traditional procedures. Travelers who are eligible for the TSA PreCheck receive a special invite from the airlines that they use frequently.

Travelers who are part of the Trusted Traveler Programs such as the Global Entry or NEXUS can also register for PreCheck as well.

Travelers who earned the title of the frequent flyer from their preferred airline receive many complimentary services with faster and better security checkout being the most beneficial.

Get an Upgrade

airline ticket upgrade

 An upgrade of your ticket could add bonuses including faster security procedures whether you are a frequent flyer or not. Flyers of business and first class receive expedited security lines which can be purchased at the time you buy your ticket, bought using frequent-flyer miles or even through bid. Discounted upgrades are also available at electronic check-in kiosks or sometimes even asked for at the check-in counter at the time of boarding.

Remember The 3-1-1 Rule


3-1-1 rule at airport

 Travelers who have flown at least once after the 9/11 attacks will surely understand the 3-1-1 rule which asks for liquids and gels to be kept in containers of 3.4 ounces or less. It is also requires that the containers be kept in a single quart size zip lock bag.

The TSA classifies gravies, jellies, lotions, peanut butter, cranberry sauce, salsa, and spreadable cheese as gels and should be packed in little containers. The cakes and pies can also be kept in a pastry bag.

During the holiday season, wrapped gifts can also be checked at the checkpoint. The TSA states that they will unwrap all gifts that ring the alarm in their security checkpoint.

Pack Smartly


pack smart for airport

Never load your bag so much that you have to sit on it to get it to close. If the TSA official opens your bag, you will have to close the overflowing bag while holding up the security line under the glaring eyes of impatient passengers.

A bag, which is packed neatly, is less likely to cause a disturbance through the X-ray scanners. A messy pile of clothes and accessories is bound to get extra screening in contrast to the bag which has clothing neatly folded and stacked.

The TSA also advise travelers to pack items in layers and place footwear including shoes, boots, and chapel on top of the other contents. They also recommend spreading your books and papers within the bag to avoid X-ray scanning.

Be Organized

passport at airport

Every security checkpoint has at least one traveler who is rummaging around his or her pockets and bags in search of the boarding pass or other important documents. Expert advise to pack essential items such as boarding pass, passport, ID, etc in an easy to reach spot usually on the top of your carry bag.

Dress For Success

Avoid TSA at airport

 Before passing through the security gates, empty your pockets of spare changes, keys or any other metal items that can sound off the metal detector. Jewelry and belts with metal clamps can also set off alarms so remove them also before moving forward in the line. Try to wear an outfit which has the least metal embellishments and wear shoes that can be taken off and worn easily.

An App For Everything

TSA App for iPhone

 The TSA has a great app where you only have to type the name of the item and ask “Can I bring?” for quick answers. The app also has information about security wait times as well as the TSA guidelines for travelers. The app is available on iPhone and Android.

For more information, log on to the TSA website.


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